About Hafar Machine

Hafar Machine Azar industrial group (since 2010) with HMA brand has started working in manufacturing Hydraulic Hammers’ spare parts and all the related parts. After a decade of working, this group has been one of the pioneers of civil machines manufacturers.
The managers of this group have always tried to produce high-quality products with the creativity, unstoppable tries and employing experts around the globe, and these people have always used modern technologies in their work.


Repair Unit

All the services about repairing and maintenance of Hydraulic Hammers are in various targets and priority of this organization. The repair unit of Hafar Machine Azar Industrial group includes:
1. Experienced and expert to repair all the different kinds of Hydraulic Hammers.
2. A humongous saloon that is facilitated and modern to repair the various types of hydraulic hammers, using testers to ensure the proper performance of the hydraulic hammers after the repairing procedures.

Our features

High-quality materials

Using steel, with suitable analysis and proper based on the function of the part in Hydraulic Hammers.

Standard Manufacturing

The heat procedure is based on International Standards and based on the analysis of the part.


All the products are resistant against trituration and breaks based on International Standards.

Experienced engineers

We have engineers and experts that are experienced and have a high-level of skills in producing the products.

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